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Art27club visited the infamous Jazz Cafe in Camden on Saturday 9th of July 2016 and what a great night it was! The chosen venue for the evening couldn’t have been more perfect for the night that Electric Minds put together. The Jazz Cafe is more of an intense venue, with the audience interaction being more personal and relaxed in regards to the performers and audience. The venue has a really great atmosphere with a chilled and laid back vibe. Upstairs is the restaurant area where you can enjoy your G&T and food whilst still feeling involved in the acts that are performing. Whereas downstairs where we spent all of the evening, the dance and bar area was packed out, with people dancing and generally enjoying the music.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the music? Electric Minds put together a night where they explored the boundaries between electronic music and jazz. With amazing performers like Amp Fiddler, Ad Bourke and Yam Who? We were definitely not disappointed. The night started with Yam Who? And Ad Bourke who really set the vibe ready for the evening. Both, were really great sets that gathered a great crowd with their funk and soul sounds.

From watching Amp fiddler's boiler room in Detroit on YouTube, We was so excited to see him perform live. He really got the crowd going and his energy and talent really showed when everyone in the club was either doing a subtle two step or fully going in with the dance moves, no one was standing still. His energy was ecstatic the whole way through and his multitasking performance was impressive. Great on the keyboard, brilliant on the mic and his audience involvement was really appreciated.

The whole night was thoroughly enjoyed, ran smoothly and had a great combination of performers, that was enjoyed by all. Apart from the pricey drinks, Electric Minds put on a real great evening.


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