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I Slush You were honoured to be apart of Potters Bar first ever music festival FOR PETER SAKE held at Elms Court. £50,000 was needed to be raised for Pete and today it was announced the figure had been reached, Age just 23 In February 2015, after weeks of pain in his shoulder, Pete was referred for an MRI scan with the NHS. It was only then that he was diagnosed with a rare Cervical Chordoma, a tumour that affects only 50 people a year. The tumour has wrapped around his spine, and is damaging his nervous system.

The treatment process has been long and painful, with little improvement so far.

Doctors here in the UK have done all they can. Pete has no choice but to rely on specialist treatment from the Chordoma foundation in the U.S.A.. To simply have his tumour tested has cost £10,000.

We’re raising £50,000 to go towards the medical treatment he needs, and to raise awareness of this life-threatening disease.

With your help, we’ve already raised over £50,000 to help him, with heart-warming support from the local community. We – his family and friends "FOR PETERS SAKE"

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